What To Do For Mother’s Day in DFW…


This is not your standard Mother's Day gift list.

Listen: you can’t just look up a random list of “What to do for Mother’s Day near me” and expect to land on the perfect gift or activity. If you’ve tried, you’ve probably already been a little disappointed when none of the ideas really match up with something your mom would love (even though she’d probably say she did. You know her).

That’s because those lists are just a big pile of random. We’re here to help. The first step to planning the perfect Mother’s Day is to think about her love language. Not familiar? No big deal. While we recommend reading the entire book, below we’ll summarize each of the 5 love languages for you.

When you find one that sounds like that special lady, we’ll include a couple of gift or activity ideas that you can accomplish around the DFW area that might just make this Mother’s Day one for the books.

Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation 

People who speak this love language value verbal and written expressions of love and appreciation. They feel loved when they receive compliments, words of encouragement, and words that affirm their value and worth.

Words of Affirmation Mother’s Day Idea:

Does your mom love to hear how amazing she is (who doesn’t)? Consider a personalized photo book full of all your favorite memories together! Don’t forget to add some quirky captions and throw in a few inside jokes to make her smile. Print your book at The UPS Store or FedEx Office in DFW, and voila! You’ve got the perfect gift.

Love Language #2: Quality Time 

People who speak this love language value spending time with their loved ones and giving them their undivided attention. They feel loved when they receive quality time, including engaging in meaningful conversations, going on dates, and doing activities together.

Quality Time Mother’s Day Idea:

If your mom’s love language is quality time, it’s time to plan a fun day out for just the two of you! Hit up a local museum, pack a picnic for a day at Klyde Warren Park, or get pampered at Hiatus Spa & Retreat (locations in Plano and Dallas). And if you’re feeling really daring, take her on a wild hot air balloon ride with Rohr Balloons in McKinney. Who says Mother’s Day has to be boring?

Love Language #3: Acts of Service

People who speak this love language value actions that show love and care. They feel loved when others help them with tasks, run errands for them, and offer practical support and assistance.

Acts of Service Mother’s Day Idea:

Is your mom always running around doing things for everyone else? Give her a break and hire a professional cleaning or landscaping service to take care of things for her. Check out Maid in Allen or Lawn Love for DFW-based services. Or, if you’re feeling generous, why not hire a personal assistant to help her with all those pesky errands? She will LOVE it!

Love Language #4: Physical Touch

People who speak this love language value physical affection and touch. They feel loved when they receive hugs, kisses, holding hands, and other forms of physical touch that communicate love and affection.

Physical Touch Mother’s Day Idea:

Is your mom always giving out hugs and kisses? Show her some love with a luxurious robe or a soft blanket she can snuggle up with. Or go all out and book a mother-daughter spa day at Massage Envy almost anywhere in the DFW area! And don’t forget to get matching mani-pedis at a local nail salon, like Bellacures or Sola Salons.

Love Language #5: Receiving Gifts

People who speak this love language value thoughtful and meaningful gifts. They feel loved when they receive gifts that show that their loved ones were thinking of them and care about their preferences and interests.

Receiving Gifts Mother’s Day Idea:

Does your mom light up at the sight of a gift? Get her something thoughtful and personalized, like a gift card to her favorite restaurant or a shopping spree at the Galleria Dallas. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take her on a shopping spree to some of the trendy boutiques in Bishop Arts District?

No matter what gift you choose, always remember to make it personal, fun, and most importantly, from the heart! Whether it’s a sentimental photo book or a wild hot air balloon ride, your mom will appreciate anything that shows how much you care. So, let’s give our moms the best gift of all this Mother’s Day – the gift of laughter, joy, and good memories!

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