Spring Home Maintenance Guide

Spring Home Maintenance

The spring season is upon us! After a cold winter season, warmer temperatures have arrived, along with plenty of opportunities to maintain your home and prepare for summer.

Below is a list of maintenance items that will help your home look it’s best coming out of winter and keep your property looking great into the summer months.

1. Boost curb appeal with fresh landscaping. After the hard freeze we experienced in February, your landscaping may be in need of some TLC. While many trees and plants may look worse off than normal, this excellent article from Texas Monthly will help you to start to assess the damage and understand what should be left alone and what might need maintenance. 

According to Greg Grant at Texas A&M, it will take several months to know if or when your plants will start to resprout or need to be replaced. In this article written by Greg, he goes into detail about various plant types and what you might be able to expect. 

2. Wash your windows. Let in the abundance of natural light those longer days will bring by clearing dirt and grime from windows inside and out. A solution of two parts water to one part vinegar is recommended for a thorough clean. 


3. Schedule an A/C tuneup. Summer temperatures will be here before long, and after a few months of limited use, now is a great time to have a professional conduct maintenance on your cooling system. Maintaining a healthy air conditioner will ensure you spend the summer months in comfort, as well as keep those energy bills down by operating more efficiently. 

4. Check your outdoor lighting. Make sure all outdoor lights are in working order, including porch lights, landscape lighting, and motion-sensing security lights. Replace bulbs or schedule repairs as needed.

5. Deep clean your grill. Giving your grill a deep cleaning before the start of the season will help it work more efficiently and prevent flare-ups. Clean the grates and interior with a grill brush and wash the exterior with warm, soapy water. Clean and organize your grilling tools (tongs, spatula, skewers) and pick up your preferred fuel source as needed.

Grill Maintenance

6. Conduct maintenance on the hardscaping around your home. Create neat edges, pull weeds, fill in gravel paths with fresh gravel and replace or reposition broken stepping stones.

7. Empty standing water regularly. The best way to keep mosquito populations down is by regularly checking your property for standing water and emptying it. Even a saucer of water can become a mosquito nursery, so leave no pot unturned!

8. Clear clutter with some spring cleaning. Spring is a great time to deep clean your home. It’s also a great time to Increase your available space and start the spring season fresh by clearing out items you no longer want or need. You can hold a garage sale, post your items online for sale, or donate to a local charity — some of which will even pick up your items for free. 

Spring Cleaning

9. Check play equipment for safety. Over time, wood, ropes, and fastenings can degrade, making outdoor play equipment potentially unsafe. Check swings, zip lines, slides, and other structures for safety; repair or replace as needed.

10. Keep an eye on irrigation systems. A faulty sprinkler or irrigation hose that goes unnoticed can quickly cause big problems for your lawn and garden. Check these components regularly to ensure they are working properly and free of any leaks. 


11. Organize your garage and/or shed. While you may not have needed to access your outdoor tools in recent months, now is a great time to take inventory of your equipment and conduct maintenance as necessary for the months of service ahead. 

12. Clean your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause damage to wood trim and not allow water to flow properly from downspouts, allowing water to pool around your foundation. Whether you clean them yourself or hire a professional, cleaning gutters before spring storms can save you future headaches. 

13. Seal damaged woodwork. The variation in temperature and moisture that winter brings can wreak havoc on your home’s woodwork. Staining and resealing fences, awnings, and moulding around your home every few years will increase longevity and save you money in the long run.

Fence Maintenance

14. Check your window screens. One of the joys of spring is the ability to open your windows and let the fresh air flow throughout your home. Damaged screens not only look unsightly but can allow insects into your home. You can replace screens entirely, or have a screen repair company repair a damaged screen to save money. 

15. Inspect your foundation. The drastic temperature changes we experienced this year can cause the ground below your home to contract, shift, and expand. Take a walk around your home and check your foundation for cracks and damage. If damage is discovered, consult a professional to inspect and repair any deficiencies to prevent further issues. 

16. Clean the walls and touch up paint around the house. Use a dusting attachment on your vacuum or an electrostatic duster to remove dust from walls, paying special attention to corners and baseboards. For a deeper clean, wipe down walls with warm, soapy water after dusting. Rinse with clean water, using a lint-free cloth. Touch up paint as needed on interior walls and trim.


17. Inspect your kitchen and bath fixtures. Keeping an eye on these areas can help prevent costly water damage and repairs later on. Make a plan to regrout or recaulk around counters and tile as needed. If you come across any slow leaks, have these repaired as well.

18. Conduct a safety check. Test batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replacing them as needed. It’s also a good idea to periodically check for recalls of your home safety products; you can find up-to-date listings at Recalls.gov.

If you have some favorite spring home maintenance items of your own, we’d love to hear them! Also, if you’re considering listing your home, give us a call today at 214-267-9222 and we would be happy to help you prioritize the tasks that will add the most value to your property. 

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