Empire Building Episode Recap: Building an Empire When the World is Falling Apart

Empire Building

If you haven’t yet heard, Seychelle Van Poole is teaming up with fellow Empire Builders Vija Williams, Sarah Reynolds, and Wendy Papasan to build a community of people who support each other in achieving everything: thriving businesses, happy marriages, loving families, and lives worth living.

The Empire Building Podcast officially hit the airwaves last week, with a week’s worth of episodes available at launch. After learning about the journey of each Empire Builder in episode one, the group pivoted to a timely topic for episode two.

Let’s dive into some of the key points of discussion from the episode: 

In a world that is currently defined by crisis, it’s important to start by acknowledging the setting that many of us are all too familiar with. Many of us are working with or around our spouses, homeschooling our kids, and trying to build an empire at the same time. Sound’s pretty exhausting, right? Let’s jump into the discussion:

How do you find time to think for yourself and to make good business decisions when you have kids, a husband, and countless meetings to deal with?

The key here is to find white space. Here are some creative ways to do just that: 

  • Make time at the end of the day to meditate, think, and plan for the following day
  • Build it into your workday, especially during times of crisis and when big decisions need to be made
  • Plan a date night
  • Create a productive person’s energy plan. This means addressing the following needs: 
    • Spiritual (meditation, prayer)
    • Physical (eat right and exercise)
    • Emotional Energy (hug, kiss, and laugh)
    • Mental Energy (planning)
    • Business energy (how to continue building)

How are you caring for your employees and co-workers that are alone during this time?

Not everyone has a family surrounding them. It’s key to consider how current events are impacting those that are alone at home. Whether it be going the extra mile and planning a virtual surprise birthday party for a team member or a game night to bring everyone together, it’s your responsibility as a leader to ensure that your team bands together, and no one is left behind when it comes to caring for your employees. 

How do you build a business in the midst of everything going on? 

It’s just about everyone’s first pandemic, although it doesn’t take a global event to add complexity to our lives. Personal situations are going to arise, and we are going to have to work through them while building a business. 

At the end of the day, the market cannot dictate whether or not you’ll be successful. As the world changes around you, your goals don’t change — how you achieve them does. The question is not “if” we’ll survive, but “how” we’ll survive. 

When faced with this challenge, it’s key to embrace change and innovation. It’s a matter of getting creative and figuring out how to grow in spite of your surroundings. 

Once your mindset is set to meet the challenges ahead, a people-first approach will serve you well. Not everyone is at the same point when it comes to dealing with a change in surroundings. It’s important to acknowledge that. Everyone shifts at a different pace, and they need to feel safe in doing so. 

For example, the Chinese symbol for crisis means two things: danger and opportunity. Odds are that most people’s mindset falls somewhere between the two on a daily basis. Your goal should be to meet people where they are, and that involves leading with transparency, caring about your employees’ families, and delivering an overall message of hope. 

To hear more from these talented Empire Builders, download the Empire Building podcast today through your podcast app or by visiting https://go.kw.com/empire-building.

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