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Times of great change often provide the best opportunity to re-evaluate your career.

We find ourselves asking questions like:

  • Am I doing something that I love?
  • Do I work with people I enjoy?
  • Am I getting a strong sense of purpose from my work?

Throughout the past months, we have been incredibly fortunate to see a lot of growth in our business. Much like so many other businesses, we’ve had to reinvent the way that we conduct business, and the result has been an opportunity to help more clients than ever.

With growth comes opportunity, and a favor to ask!

If you know anyone that would be a great fit for us as an agent here at Van Poole Properties Group, we would love for you to send them our way. Here’s what we’re looking for in our next rockstar agent:

  • Highly motivated and self-managed
  • A strong desire to give excellent service
  • Fast-paced
  • Has a heart for serving others

If you happen to know anyone that fits this description, we want to know them! While it’s not necessary to have a background in real estate, we do look for someone that has had success in the past, wants to change their trajectory, improve their quality of life, and build wealth in real estate.

You can fill out the form below with information for yourself or anyone you know that would be a great fit as a Van Poole Properties agent. You can also call us directly at 972-608-0777 with any questions you might have!

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