North Texas Market Update 4.25.17


For the first time in several months, we had a 2% increase in new homes on the market vs a 1% increase in homes sold. This slight increase is a great bump for Home Buyers.

The North Texas market is still tight in comparison to other markets around the country. We are seeing Home Buyers looking at new builds and not have the confidence on how fast or slow their home will be sitting on the market, so we went out and worked on getting the Builder Trade In licensing agreement for both Central and North Texas. This will allow us to offer Lease Buy Outs and Guaranteed Sale options to buyers that want to take advantage of a newly built home, all the while saving thousands on the home buying/selling process.

In the coming weeks, home property values from the County Tax office will be arriving in your mailbox. If you have a price hike that feels more than it should be or if you’d like to get your property evaluated, we’re happy to pull complimentary home pricing to assist you with filing for the taxing authority. Look for a blog post about this in the next week or two.



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