2023 Summer Home Maintenance Guide


Summer's here and it's time to get your Dallas-Fort Worth home in tip-top shape to fully enjoy the sunny months ahead. After all, spring was quite the soggy and blustery affair.

So, whether you're catching up on some leftover spring chores or ready to dive into a new home project, here's a handy list for you:

1. Give your home’s exterior a once-over for any loose or decayed siding and molding.

This is a perfect time to give your home’s outer surfaces a good cleaning. You could pressure wash or go for a gentler method to sweep away all that dirt and debris from the past season. It will also give you a clear view of any issues that might need your attention. If you’re going the pressure washing route, just remember to be kind to your home’s exterior materials. For instance, don’t blast wooden siding with too much pressure or you might end up with water seeping in and causing mischief. While you’re at it, scout out any holes or cracks that might be inviting to small critters and seal them up!

Exterior Maintenance

2. Touch up any chipped, cracked, or faded exterior paint.

Paint is a fairly simple fix that can have a big impact on how your home looks. Any chips or cracks can also leave your siding material exposed to potential damage, and it’s always better to conduct maintenance rather than costly repairs! 

3. Spruce up your patio with a pressure wash.

If your patio’s got a case of the dirt-blues or its color seems a bit off, now’s the time to let the pressure washer work its magic. Just make sure you cover any delicate areas around your patio to keep them safe.

Pressure Wash Maintenance

4. Give your windows a good cleaning, inside and out.

Even if you tackled your windows in the spring, they could do with some love after all the rain and storms. Plus, sparkling windows look great and it’ll be less of a chore the next time around.

5. Hatch a plan for your lawn care.

Keeping your lawn lush and green in the heat of a Texas summer can be a bit of a challenge. The trick is to stay consistent. Fertilize regularly, nip those weeds in the bud, and water consistently. Remember, when it comes to mowing your lawn, try not to take off more than a third of your grass’s height to keep it healthy in the heat.

Lawn Maintenance

6. Give your foundation a check-up.

With all the rain we’ve had in DFW this year, it’s a good idea to inspect your foundation and the surrounding grading. Keep an eye out for any cracks or breaks that might spell trouble. If there are spots where water’s been pooling around your foundation, you might need to add some soil to improve drainage.

7. Get your gutters in order.

If those spring storms have filled your gutters with leaves, it’s time for a clean-up. Regular cleaning will lighten the load and prevent blockages when those summer storms hit.

8. Get your A/C units serviced.

If you missed this task in the spring, don’t worry, there’s still time. With temperatures on the rise, making sure your A/C units are running smoothly will keep your home cool and could save you some cash on energy bills. Oh, and don’t forget to change your A/C filter regularly!

HVAC Maintenance

9. Check doors and windows for leaks, gaps, and broken seals.

Make sure your windows are sealed properly to keep your cool air in and the hot air out. Take a stroll around your home and check the caulking on your doors and windows. Foggy windows? That could be a sign of a broken window seal.

10. Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct.

This is a crucial task that should be done regularly. Blocked vents can increase the risk of a house fire, so keeping them clean can give you peace of mind.

11. Check outdoor play equipment and fences.

Bad weather can be hard on play equipment. If spring rains kept you from regular maintenance, now’s a good time to get to it. A little reinforcement, re-sealing, or painting could prolong the life of your play equipment.

Play Equipment

12. Fill in cracks in your driveway or sidewalks.

Water and changing temperatures can be rough on concrete. If cracks have formed and you leave them be, they can lead to more serious damage down the line.

13. Clean and adjust your ceiling fans.

Your ceiling fan has a neat little switch that changes its direction. During the summer, it should be running counter-clockwise to push air down and create a cooling effect. And while you’re up there, dust off those fan blades!

14. For those with a pool: keep an eye on your water level.

As temperatures rise, you’ll start to see more evaporation and your water level might drop. If it gets too low, it can cause your pump to run dry, which could lead to expensive damage.

Pool Maintenance

With this list under your belt, sit back, relax, and let the summer fun begin! If you have any maintenance tips of your own, feel free to share!

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