Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

With Summer right around the corner, now is a great time to take stock of the spring maintenance items that may still be on your list, along with some tasks that will help your home look its best throughout the summer. We’ve put together a list of items that will do just that!

Create a lawn care game plan. 

You spend the spring overseeding, fertilizing, and fixing dead spots from the winter. The job is done, right? Not so fast. Now that your lawn is filled out and looking healthy, you have to keep it that way. The biggest challenge you’ll likely face during the summer months is heat and a lack of moisture. Create a game plan to water consistently – start with a few times per week and adjust as needed. 

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, you can still create a system that requires little upkeep. Simply pair something like this Melnor timer from Amazon with a hose and sprinkler, and you’re set! Finally, when it comes to mowing your lawn, always aim to cut off no more than ⅓ of your grass’ height — this will prevent damage during these warmer months ahead.

Lawn Maintenance

Wash your windows inside and out.

You may be saying, “I just washed my windows for spring cleaning!” Odds are, they’re ready for their next bath. On a positive note, staying on top of keeping your windows clean will keep dirt and grime from building up, making the chore easier over time.

Inspect your house exterior for loose or rotted siding and molding.

Rain and wind from the spring season have likely left your home in need of a good washing. Before you reach for the power washer, take note of the materials your home is made of — they may require a gentler approach. For example, washing wood siding at too high of pressure may force water under the siding and cause damage beneath it. Check your molding and eaves for warping and holes that critters may find their way through.

Repair and repaint any chipped, cracking, or faded exterior paint.

Paint is a fairly simple fix that can have a big impact on how your home looks. Any chips or cracks can also leave your siding material exposed to potential damage, and it’s always better to conduct maintenance rather than costly repairs!

Refill cracks in your driveway or sidewalks.

Standing water, fluctuating temperatures, and the natural movement in our Texas soil are less than friendly to your concrete. If cracks have formed and are not resealed, you’re risking future damage from the elements. Here’s a great article from Home Depot that covers how to repair a concrete crack.

Clean your gutters.

If spring storms have been knocking leaves off your trees, odds are your gutters could use a once over. Cleaning regularly will remove added weight, and prevent a backup when the occasional summer storm rolls through.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean your patio furniture.

This is a quick task that can make a world of difference when entertaining. Spring rains can cover your furniture in a film of dirt and pollen, which your guests won’t be thrilled to sit on. Water and a clean towel can make quick work of cleaning most items. Also, be sure to clean off spider webs and check underneath, especially if you have hollow wicker furniture. They can become a shelter for unwanted critters!

Pressure wash your patio.

If your patio is looking a bit dirty or uneven in color, now is a perfect time to hit it with the pressure washer and restore it to a cleaner look by removing embedded dirt and debris. Make sure to cover up any sensitive areas around your patio to prevent any potential damage.

Inspect your foundation.

Spring rains, followed by the dry summer months can wreak havoc on your foundation. Walk around your home and inspect for cracks in your foundation and any brick or stone facade. Also, keep an eye out for jagged cracks at the corners of your windows and door frames — these can be telltale signs of a larger issue.

Inspect outdoor play equipment and fencing.

Cold weather and rain can wreak havoc on play equipment. If the spring rains have kept you from getting out and maintaining yours, now is a great time to reinforce and re-seal or paint as needed.

Service your A/C units. 

When the temperatures hit triple digits, the A/C units will be your best friends. Make sure they’re properly serviced before the season. It’s also a great time to replace filters if you haven’t in the past season.

AC Maintenance

Check doors and windows for leaks, gaps, and broken seals.

The goal here is to keep the cool air in, and the hot air out! Take a look at your windows and doors, looking for broken seals and gaps. One sign on a broken window seal will be built up condensation. One window might not make a big difference, but if you’re noticing any widespread issues, it may be time to contact a professional.

Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct.

This is a good one to do each season, given the potential for safety risks. Clogged lint and dust in your vents can increase the risk of a house fire, so maintaining them can help put your mind at ease!

Clean and adjust your ceiling fans.

During the summertime, your home’s ceiling fans should run in a counter-clockwise direction which forces air downwards creating a cooling effect. The small switch that may be on your ceiling fan allows you to make that adjustment. While you’re up there, be sure to clean the dust off your fan blades — the build-up can be unsightly, and changing the fan direction may result in spreading that dust around the room.

For pool owners: keep an eye on the water level.

The water level of your pool can be just as important as its chemical composition. As temperatures rise, you will likely start to see increased evaporation and decreasing water levels. If left unchecked, the water can recede below the inlet to your skimmer and cause your pump to run dry, which can lead to costly damage and a pool that is not filtering debris.

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