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At Van Poole Properties, we treat your home and real estate experience like it's our own. We're seeing compelling market data that suggests potential change in our market, and want to keep our clients, friends, and family informed as we continue to keep and eye on these developments.

What are we seeing? Recent changes in interest rates and the continued anticipation that rates will increase suggest that home values could peak this spring. With this also comes an opportunity to maximize your purchasing power at current rates. 

Today, we held a live stream interview with our CEO, Seychelle Van Poole and Marketing Director, Tony Kennard. If you’re considering making a move in the next 1-2 years, we highly encourage you to watch the video below. Questions from the discussion include the following: 

  • What are we seeing in the market that homeowners should be aware of? 
  • How does an increase in interest rates impact both buyers and sellers? 
  • How does our analysis of the market differ from typical mainstream media? 
  • How can we help homeowners win on both sides of the transaction?

Here is the recording of today’s discussion:

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To illustrate Seychelle’s point on interest rate increases, let’s look at what a $500,000 loan would look like at current rates (3.728%) and a potential increased rate of 4.5%. 

  • At a 3.728% rate, principal and interest equate to a monthly payment of $2,309.34.
  • At a 4.5% rate, principal and interest equate to a monthly payment of $2,533.43.

At a glance, a few hundred dollars may seem marginal, yet over a ten-year period, you’re spending an additional $26,890. Over a 30 year loan, that number jumps to over $80,000. 

If the plan is to make a move in the near future, our team is standing by to learn how we can help you create a strategy that will keep you ahead of the curve and in the best position possible, both short and long term. We will also continue to keep you updated on any further developments both in the national market, as well as our local market here in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us at 214-267-9222 and we would be glad to help. 

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