Dallas Residents: How to Donate Your Unwanted Tree Trimmings to the Dallas Zoo

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Fall is a great time to trim back your trees, and the Dallas Zoo is now offering a productive way for Dallas residents to dispose of their tree trimmings.

Here’s a summary of the program offered by the Dallas Zoo:

Many Dallas Zoo animals, like our elephants and giraffes, eat hundreds of pounds of “browse” (tender shoots, twigs, and green leaves of trees and shrubs) every single day. Zoo staff also use browse as a way to add enrichment to the lives of our animals.

How can you help? We’re always looking for fresh, healthy donations of recently trimmed or felled landscaping from our local community.

Here is a list of the trees the zoo animals especially enjoy:

  • Bradford Pear
  • Red tip Photinia
  • American Elm
  • Mulberry
  • Cedar Elm
  • Pecan

For select Dallas area residents, the Zoo will schedule a pickup of your unwanted trimmings. For a map of eligible zip codes, additional tree and shrub types that are accepted, and a list of FAQs, visit https://www.dallaszoo.com/support-the-zoo/browse-program-donate-trees-for-animals/. You can submit a request for a pickup through the page as well!

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