8 Benefits of Using a Realtor When Building a New Home


So you’ve decided to build your next home. Now, where to start? While it may seem natural to head to the nearest builder, starting by selecting a great Realtor is the best way to set yourself up for success.

This poses the question, “why use a Realtor when I don’t need one?” Believe it or not, there are quite a few reasons why hiring an agent to represent you in a new-build purchase works in your favor.

One common misconception that’s important to address about builders and Realtors is that they are directly competing for your business. The reality is, great Realtors and builders support one another, and often have well-established relationships with the best interest of their buyers in mind. We know many builders in the DFW area that love seeing us walk through the door, and as Realtors, we love having their communities as an option for our buyers. 

That being said, what are the benefits of hiring a Realtor to build a home? Here are 8 to consider. 

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1. Your Realtor represents you, and you alone. 

Think of this as a traditional buyer/seller relationship. Generally, the builder representative works for the builder (the seller), and represents their interests in the transaction. While they’re a great resource for you as a buyer — providing knowledge about the community, the homes in it, and much more — they are not required to be responsible for your financial well being. On the other hand, your Realtor represents you (the buyer), and you alone. It is our fiduciary duty to put your needs first, and secure you the best home at the best possible price. 

2. Your Realtor can help you find the best home builders.

Similar to how a Realtor can help you find the best pre-owned homes to meet your needs, they can also be a tremendous resource in regards to finding you a reputable builder to purchase with. Buying a home is an involved process, and your Realtor can save you valuable time and effort by providing context before you visit a community. Here at Van Poole Properties Group, we make it a point to build relationships with top builders in the DFW metroplex in an effort to best serve our clients that choose to build. 

3. Your Realtor can help you find a lender that meets your needs. 

Most builders have an in-house or preferred lender, yet without shopping for the best rates and terms, how can you be sure you’re getting the best mortgage for your needs? Your Realtor can recommend trusted lenders and financing options that will allow you to make a well-informed decision.

4. Your Realtor can help set the right expectations.

Ever walk into a model home and fall in love? Many do. The reality is, the difference between what’s shown in the model and what fits within a buyer’s budget can be significant. When going from one model to the next, your Realtor serves as an objective expert who will help you understand what to pay attention to, and where to temper your expectations. Also, odds are you are going to have some work to do once the home is finished — think projects like landscaping, window treatments, and even furniture. Your agent can help you build your budget to include these items, further ensuring that you’re both satisfied with the finished result, along with what you paid for it. 

Additionally, the process for building a new home can vary from builder to builder. An experienced Realtor has gone through the new build process with various builders and can help you to understand the building process, milestones you should be tracking, and what each step means for you. 

5. Your Realtor is there to make life easier. 

Just as with every real estate transaction, there are going to be bumps along the road. Your Realtor is an expert in dealing with these challenges and can help solve problems as they occur — and sometimes — even before they arise. 

In addition to smoothing out problems, building a house is an involved process that includes a lot of communication. Your agent can help make life easier by communicating on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the things you’d like to. 

6. Your Realtor can help you navigate inspections. 

Throughout the building process, there are key inspections that you’ll be able to attend. Your Realtor is a great second set of eyes to spot red flags that could end up costing you in the long run and can also recommend third party inspectors that can help ensure that your home is truly move-ready when your closing day arrives.

7. Your Realtor knows what will help your home sell in the future. 

Woah there, we’re not talking about selling your home before you’ve even built it, are we? Absolutely, we are! The median duration homeowners stay in one house is 13 years, which means that odds are, you will eventually sell the home you are building, and your Realtor is a great resource for understanding which upgrades and design choices may set you up for future success. As experts that preview thousands of homes per year, it’s our job to understand the home trends that are here to stay, along with the features that buyers desire most. 

8. Your Realtor can save you money, not cost it. 

Ah, we’ve saved the best for last. Buyers often believe that they can save a few bucks by going directly to a builder. The reality is, by doing this you’re passing on a valuable resource that shouldn’t cost you anything. If you are working with an experienced Realtor, it’s likely that they’ll know where in the transaction to potentially negotiate on your behalf, and expose opportunities to save money that you might not even know were available to you. 

Who pays the agent’s commission? Just like a standard buyer/seller transaction, the builder should be the responsible party for paying your Realtor’s commission, so long as you are represented by the agent when you register and notify the builder of your relationship with your Realtor. It’s that simple!

So there you have it! We strongly recommend sitting down with a Realtor before you start your new home search to ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and as you see above, plenty to gain!

To get started, simply head to our buyers page, and tell us a bit about what you’re looking for. 

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