2020 Home Design Trends

2020 Home Design Trends

With each year, new home design trends come and go. Some last for years — others, for a matter of months.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your home to list, buy a new home, or simply renovate the home you love, staying on trend is often easier said than done. Just as you feel as though you’ve caught up to the latest and greatest, you’ve already fallen behind.  

Our goal is to eliminate that feeling by helping you spot the home design trends that have staying power. With a team of experienced agents that view thousands of homes each year, we are provided the unique opportunity of seeing which trends are actually making their way into homes. 

In creating this home design guide, we examined existing trends along with trends that were predicted for 2020 and compared them with what we are actively seeing from sellers, builders, and stagers. We hope it provides some inspiration for your future projects!

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Need help making some changes? While some projects may be easy to tackle, others may require professional help. We’re happy to refer some service providers that our clients have great experiences with. 

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