VPP Community: Join Us As We Spread Kindness & Creativity

VPP Community

The toughest of times can bring out the best in us, and we are choosing to place our focus on the good that can come from it.

Over the past few weeks, odds are you’ve been bombarded with a ton of news, reaction, and commentary. Times are tough, and we understand that many are feeling the effects of our current national crisis. Despite our struggles, we’ve witnessed countless examples of kindness, creativity, and inspiration. 

People have been quick to share ideas, resources, and stories to help others succeed in a world filled with closings, limited supplies, and the fear of the unknown. You may be carving out space for a new home office, finding ways to keep your kids entertained from home, or leveraging resources and services to make life easier during these trying times. 

Here’s our idea: 

Message us on Facebook with your ideas, resources, stories — anything that might help someone in need. We will be creating weekly posts highlighting your contributions and sharing it with our family, friends, followers, and clients. 

Once you arrive at the Van Poole Facebook page, you can send us a message in either of the highlighted areas:

Need a bit of inspiration to help you get started? Here’s some ideas we love: 

  • Craft and game ideas for keeping kids (and adults too!) entertained at home
  • Food hacks and recipes
  • Pictures of your home office setup
  • Resources and photos from home DIY projects
  • Service recommendations
  • Educational resources
  • Stories showing random acts of kindness
  • Leads and tips for job searchers
We are all in this together! 

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