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This year we are partnering up with Ashley Keating from The Kitchen Source in Dallas for insider information to help you navigate interior design trends in 2019.  

Top 3 home design trends that are losing their luster in 2019:

1. All white kitchens. In particular, all white kitchens when it doesn’t match the house. Your only application of all white going forward? A farmhouse, a coastal cottage house, or a refurbished Manhattan apartment (and even then it’s still a maybe). This includes white marble in a kitchen and white subway tile.

2. The ruler no longer rules. Stray away from floor tiles that are 12″ in length. Long gone are the basic 12″ x 12″, or even 12″ x 24″ tiles. Furthermore, with your tile, avoid super busy patterns or bold grout lines.

3. Faux anything. It’s all about the real stuff. Whether countertops, flooring, and even accessories should come from real sources. That means no more fake plants and say goodbye to laminate countertops and floors.

Instead look below for these new, fresh ideas that will wow in 2019.

1. Natural contrast. If you’re thinking classics, nothing is more classic and natural than black and white. Think white cabinets with black stone or vice versa. Want something with more color? Find the highs and lows of the natural elements in a space. Use a trick of the trade and “look out your window or at your stone countertops for a perfect color palette. Find the highs and lows to capture the full spectrum of the tonality to inspire you,” Ashley stated.

Bring darker, richer tones to the space to add depth and an organic feel. What darker tone of color outside your window are you most drawn to? Is it the rich, lush tree or the warmth of the bark on the tree? Or a different color that catches your eye? Then find your contrast. What is the lightest hue you see? If only the clouds, play off one of those whites and voila, you have your natural contrast. Find the colors you’re drawn to and play off that.

Create interest without detracting from a natural element.  Simple and understated with natural materials is a big home trend you’ll see in 2019.

2. Think about the role your space will play in your home. Should the room be the decor or the backdrop? “No longer should you just blanket one shade of neutral on every wall in the house. Be mindful of how that room will be used and also tie into the rest of the house” notes Ashley.

When you’re designing your space, bring slight variations over a single color palette throughout the home (i.e. don’t use a solid grey throughout, but various shades of that grey). You still want every room to transition, but let each room bring their own uniqueness. For example, play with the shade and tie in undertones of each space and with the coverings. A fun way you can add personality to a space is wallpaper. And not like your mom’s waverly. This is high fashion, geometric, natural texture and fibers wallpaper that adds a layer of interest and depth to a room.

3. Go big or go home. When you’re looking at tile, go big. The bigger the better. Porcelain tile can now be as large a slab for a seamless look. Let the look flow more than small tiles can offer.

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the year is: Living Coral

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

Let’s talk color. Adding the 2019 color of the year can help keep your look fresh and new. Punches of color are always great to splash in. But remember… Color trends shift and change, so be mindful to pick them only if you are truly drawn to them.

When it’s the color you love, and that you’ve always loved, that’s when you go with the bold color choice throughout. Make sure you are remembering your preferred colors and don’t jump all in unless you love it.

We can’t wait to see what you create in your space!

If you want a one-on-one design consultation for your kitchen or your bathroom, The Kitchen Source is a fantastic resource right at your fingertips if you are even remotely close to Dallas, Ft. Worth or Southlake. 

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