Weekly Market Update – Dec 6, 2018 – Dallas-Ft. Worth Real Estate

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December is here and homes are still selling.

We have seen several relocation companies recently comment on how they feel December and early Spring will be a target for buyers.

Here is what customers are saying as buyers right now:
  • “We want the Seller to be reasonable on their pricing and understand that this market is changing. We are more likely to make an offer on home with a “fair” price than lowball a seller that is over priced.”
  • “We expect condition to be on point. If a home has been on the market a longer period of time, no problem, we just expect that it be clean, well updated and show ready.”
  • “We still want to purchase a home, offer us some incentives to move forward on your home versus the one down the street.”
Interpretation for the seller on the market?
  • Price ahead of the market, don’t chase your competition down. Get out in front and you will win in the long run.
  • Make sure to keep the home maintained and clean. If the home is vacant, have it cleaned every 2 weeks and make sure leaves are cleaned up weekly right now. Also neutral air fresheners are a good idea.
  • We are encouraging buyer and buyer agent incentives to help get buyers off the fence.
Happy selling. There are definitely opportunities to be had.
Seychelle & team
To see the full breakdown of numbers compared to last week, click here: VPP DFW Market Update 12 3 2018


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