Weekly Market Update – September 13, 2018 – Dallas-Ft. Worth Real Estate


Labor Day weekend saw a slow down on contracts and closings, part of this is because we had a shortened week. We’ll continue to watch numbers to see if contracts and closings pick back up over the next 2-3 weeks. That will indicate our Fall market. With rising interest rates, making changes and moves on a home’s sales price and condition are better to get under way sooner rather than later. Also, keep in mind that December is typically the 2nd or 3rd largest sales month of the year. This occurs because people are moving in between school semesters, are getting year end bonuses or have to make purchases by end of year for tax purposes.

As a Buyer, there are fewer buyers looking, so you have strong housing options and less buyer competition. Most of our investors do the bulk of their purchasing from Mid-September through Late February. We aim to see this trend continue in fall of 2018 – spring 2019.
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