5.21.18 North Texas Market Update


Good afternoon all,

We are continuing to see more active listings and more homes go under contract each week. Buyers are staying true to the quick to commit and quick to jump mentality. We are working with our own clients to set better expectations as the market heats up. Unfortunately we can’t control the rest of the market.

More interest rates are on the rise which will put an added urgency on buyers purchasing this summer instead of waiting until Fall.

We are incredibly thankful to be in a geographic area where jobs are still moving here in the thousands each year and where cost of living is still affordable. Speaking of affordable, we pulled home comps for many of our clients the past two weeks and hope that many have success in keeping their home values on the tax rolls in check. Please let us know how it goes.

Cheers to a continued strong summer selling season.
Seychelle & Team





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