North Texas Market Update 4.23.18


Good news, bad news.  For the first time in several weeks, the number of homes under contract and the number of homes sold increased. Great! This means buyers are starting to jump into swing and make decisions. Make sure your property condition and pricing match the motivation of buyers that are looking to purchase. If you have been considering a price reduction but haven’t done so yet, last week’s numbers alone give motivation to take the market upswing seriously.

Bad news, with the continued sales trends, most taxing authorities are maxing out property values in their 2018 assessments. You should have received your 2018 value, and if you are like us, sticker shock may still be setting in. Three of our personal properties went up 26% in value year over year. If you are wanting to be proactive with protesting your taxes, we have written an updated blog with new information to help with your protest.

Two items for you to note:1. Most taxing municipalities are moving up the protest filing date to MAY 15th. (This is earlier that previous years that were May 31st. Our blog post includes links to file your protest)

2. As a VIP of ours, we are happy to pull comps for your property. Please let us know by May 1st which address you want us to look up and the value you received for your 2018 tax value.

Cheers to continued growth here in North Texas, even if it means slight pain for our property tax payments.

Seychelle & Team

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