North Texas Market Update- 1.22.18


We are watching the spring market start to move. March is typically when we see the flood of homes start to hit the market, it’s also when more buyers into the market. So supply and demand both rise. Because this happens, you actually feel more pressure to make decisions and move quicker on properties, even though you technically have more choice.

As with early spring, the buyers that are out looking today are motivated and need to make decisions. Every showing counts and we work diligently to get feedback from every agent. Remember that behind the scenes we are calling and emailing every Realtor that goes through a property to go for offers and feedback to help you as a seller make the best decision for your family. If you are debating on putting your home on the market, we recommend February as a great time to get ahead of relocating buyers that are planning their spring break purchasing trips. They often choose the homes they want to view well in advance of coming down and are often having their Realtor factime the showing prior to the trip. We recommend getting on the market as soon as possible to avoid additional competition.

There is less competition right now in the buying market. It’s a prime time to take advantage of finding the right property before the flood of buyers enters later this spring. We’ll continue to watch the “under contract” part of this update to watch and see how many buyers are actively looking to purchase. In the higher end we are seeing a slight softening, although it is by no means a falling market.

Insider information:
If you know of anyone considering an offer from Open Door, we have signed an exclusive partnership with them for this spring to evaluate properties to see what’s best for the client. We are able to look at side by side comparisons for our sellers to give them a guaranteed buy out option with open door or list on the MLS more traditionally. We’re always looking to innovate and give our clients more service, if you know of someone who may benefit or are yourself thinking of moving this year – this could be a great opportunity.

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