North Texas Market Update- 1.8.18


The market has come out of the freezing weather/holiday coma for the past 2 weeks. We’re seeing buyer demand pick up already in the beginning of this year and not enough homes to support demand in the First and Second homebuyer price points($200,000-$500,000). The higher price points are still experiencing some sluggish but are responding well to Price Corrections and to Buyer Incentives. If you are on the fence or hear someone talking about selling, now is the time to beat the March 1st rush of Sellers hitting the market. It’s true in pricing that for sellers, the early bird gets the worm.

On buyers, we are still seeing more negotiation power and fewer multiple offers than we did this time last year. It’s truly the opportunity for an ideal move-up market. We’re also seeing more flip and rental property opportunities coming through the market this year.

According to US census data – Texas as a state is predicted to grow by 40% in population by the year 2050. The United States is only projected to grow by 16% by 2050. This indicates an amazing opportunity for the ownership rental properties and second homes. Our question we are asking ourselves is how many investment properties can we snag up in the next 5 years to help with pent up demand as the population swells over the next 30 years.

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