North Texas Market Update 6.5.17



We’re seeing the DFW market stay consistent with the trends of summer. The homes under $450,000 are still getting multiple offers. We’re seeing a growing trend in the homes listed above $650,000 that in order to get offers or beat out the competition, you have to price under the competition to entice buyers to make offers. The “inherent value” of getting a deal is really resonating with buyers in this market. On the high end, buyers want to think that they are getting a fairly priced home, and sellers don’t want to leave money on the table. We’re finding that by pricing the home under the market, 9 times out of 10 the home is being bid up to a fair and desirable price for both sides. The psychology of the sale in this method, is really winning out over the previous, list it high and see if buyers react and then reduce…reduce…reduce until a buyer bites.



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