Austin Market Update 5.8.17


The Austin market is continuing to be in a strong seller’s market. In looking at the average days on market until a home reaches a sale, we see the importance of being realistic in the pricing of your property. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Let us explain:

Depending on your price point, you only have a limited time to “test” a higher price point before being at risk of looking “over priced”. Below is a breakdown of how many weeks you have before being priced too high will make you look stale and out of touch with reality.

1 week  – Homes priced $300,000 and under

2 weeks – Homes priced $700,000 and under

3 weeks – Homes priced $1 million and under

3.5 weeks – Homes priced $1 million and up

To be a competitive seller, if you are looking at maximizing your value, adhere to the time tables above to make pricing corrections if you aren’t receiving offers in this allotted time.

Happy Selling!



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